Yesterday my man made an amazing dinner and I can’t remember what it is called now. Seafood it was, and it was all good.

IMG_20160831_220020The seasoning he used.
Added some coconut milk
Stir it… (Craig used brown rice)
Serve! (I’m not a big fan of papadums)
The prawns and fish (it was a specific fish and I can’t remember) was added the last, because we don’t want they to be overcooked.
It was really nice and delicious, we have been keen to use Jamie Oliver’s cook book he has at home. Lots of good vegetarian food and it makes you hungry just looking at it.

On top of that we got some biodynamic garlic from the garden. This is the type of stuff that makes me happy, genuinely good food and when you know it hasn’t been processed or faked organic.

Anyway, I’m heading out now to the sun.


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