Today’s mini-shopping. I tasted another agave nectar for a while ago and it was so light and I wasn’t happy about it. This one is the one or coconut syrup.
If I have bread in my house, it will always only be this one. Triple malt sourdough bread with seeds. The only bread that doesn’t gives me any heartburn or stomach ache. I advice this type of bread or rye bread if you still want to add bread in your diet. I don’t eat bread very often but when I do, I do it with a cheating smile. Sorry!
Like this, as I rarely eat dairy and gluten… this is the time when I sin. Sourdough bread with avocado, feta cheese and onions.
A couple of snacks and a glass of hemp milk, yes!

It is important to find a balance when it comes to your food intake every week, I think it is important to allow yourself to be a bit naughty sometimes and do the things you don’t usually do 6 of 7 days.

Have a happy Saturday!

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