On Saturday Craig and I went for a date, we were very slow during the day and took our time. No one stressed anyone and we slowly but surely made our way out, we don’t like to stress or have “musts” on our days off.

We made a spontaneous stop in Victoria and took a walk, while walking we just saw this place called Hardcore Lobster & More (the name is already dodgy). We are that type of couple that are always on the hunt for the best lobster, so we thought: why not? A new place wont hurt.

The decoration and the atmosphere was a bit poor, there was nothing extra unfortunately.
We both ordered lobster and I really look forward to eat (because I love lobster) but when the food arrived, it look good but it wasn’t so yummy. The meat was grilled but really gooey, we liked the meat in the claws more. Although I need to say that I was happy with the garlic sauce they served beside the lobster and fries. Besides the ok experience with the food, it was enjoyable to sit down talk about the week that has been and laugh.

Craig and I are not just boyfriend&girlfriend, we are also very good friends and that itself makes our life more fun.

Hardcore Lobster and more
52 Wilton Rd,
London SW1V 1DE

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