Hi guys, I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend with lots of fun. I had a good weekend but drained. I have been sleeping long hours, sleeping during the day which I never do. We manage to have some fun and do some work for our home. Here are some photos…

On Friday after work the weather was on top. Craig and I met up for drinks by the canal.
Us two.
It was so hot that wearing a skirt was an obligation lol. Outfit: black croptop from NewLook, Suede Skirt from Primark, Sandals from H&M and ankle bracelet from Newlook.
I just love the blurrrrr..
My two swedish blonde girls. Denise on the left is a friend from school back in Sweden that moved to London for almost 2 years ago, Lisa on the right I met via LondonSwedes and she just moved to London.

On Saturday, we did gym and by 4pm we made our way to LondonFields and had some drinks there. Our friends came after and we sat by the canal, listened to music and laughed. We went from the canal, to eat, to another pub (where they played soul music Amy and I were dancing without thinking of the crowd. Later after the pub we walked the whole way to Oslo Hackney, I danced the whole night and funny enough by 4 in the morning I was like MY BACK IS KILLING ME. I wonder how I dance really? hahaha
Me and my lovely.

Yesterday, it was time for B&Q and Ikea, we needed a new rug to the room and a plant.
We were looking for a plant that doesn’t need to much light.
We went for this lively plant, and the pot which I love. Suit the whole room.

That was more or less what I did this weekend, I was disappointed on Sat tho because the weather let me down. But we still had a good weekend after all. On Sunday after watching the boys playing football we all enjoyed some time together and I ended up falling asleep around 9pm. Yes, I was very very tired.

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