I make my own vegan milk nowadays, obviously I buy sometimes when I haven’t stock my kitchen with the seeds I need for milk. While visiting IKEA yesterday I saw these small glass bottles I love. I always reuse my glass jars I have at home but this time I need these for my milk. I bought two, one is for 1 liter and cost £2.25 and the other one is 0.5l and cost £1. For me glass bottles are more hygienic, as plastic gets warmer and the bacterias and viruses loooove that. Glass keep food/drinks cooler and prevent it from getting warm quickly. I’m gonna use my bottles for my milk, the small will be use for hemp milk, which I’m doing tomorrow (recipe will be posted) and the big one for my almond milk. Craig was smiling at me yesterday, when I saw these bottles and I had a big smile. He knows how much I enjoy cooking and I love all about food, kitchen stuff and health. So he knows when I’m genuinely happy.

We can do a lot with these glass bottles, I highly recommend glass rather then plastic. I understand that sometimes you don’t have the time to think about it or have them at home. Also I truly think that you get more from making your own milk, you will definitely feel the difference and stop buying from the stores. Like I said, I only buy if I’m running out…

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