IMG_20170531_103329_893Tuesday’s body.

You all know how I started my serious fitness journey. Home exercises and moved onto a proper gym, for me there are no excuses to skip gym. The gym is literally by the station where I live. So morning sessions and evening are the ones on the schedule, also this gym is open24/7.

Weight wise has it gone very slowly, my metabolisms is so fast. I can’t believe I’m saying this by the age of 28 soon 29 but it is ridiculous. I have been at the lowest as 49kg, gained a few kilos to 51kg and now I’m on 52.5kg and I look much healthier and have more meat than before. I feel definitely much stronger and my confident is back. Only things I’m missing are my boobs, they are the smallest size I have ever had. Some people thought I had implants before and now they are gone. As I have quite low fat percentage I think that could be the reason, I just hope they will get back before I have kids.

Anyhow, I mentioned before that I started with BCAA Tablets., tablet form. They help me to recover better, not feel fatigue during my workouts and I lift heavier. Yes, much heavier. For each day I challenge myself to go up 3kg or more. HEAVY WEIGHTS DO THEIR JOB! I’m very happy with the tablets, I prefer them like that and not drink as I don’t want to add any extra sugars or chemicals in my body. I think drinking during the weekends is enough sugar. I take them on empty stomach 30 minutes before my workout and they work almost straight away. At least for me.

Maybe you want to know if I do all what all the instagram fitness girls do, count macros? Why? I just eat. I make sure I restore my body with good nutrients EVERY day. Fruits, gluten free oats, vegan milk (rich in protein), a lot of veggies, good fats such as avocado and almonds, mushrooms and plenty of water. I have understand the importance of hydrating our bodies, it is sooo important. Reason why we feel tired and sick sometimes is because we are dehydrated. I drink 2 pints of water before and after lunch, as my job requires focus and structure I can’t be sleeping really lol.

I think finding a balance is the key, to be flexible and do what your body feels good doing. I enjoy the gym and I normally like healthy foods so for me it is not the problem to find the balance there, but I do struggle specially right now. I thought the hay fever had forgotten about me and I was perfectly fine not feeling bad only itchy eyes. Well, not at all. I’m suffering so hard this week that it is unreal. I can’t sleep properly, back and forth headaches, sneezing and heavy phlegm (sorry). The hay fever makes me lazy in sense of that skip gym during the morning and I just wanna sleep longer etc. Doing my best but it is so easy to just be lazy because you are feeling low, after I have had my almond latte I’m perfectly fine and after work I’m ready for a work out. Missing one meal can do alot to my body, particularly in this period as I try to gain weight. Forgetting one meal is not the ideal. Here it is where I struggle keeping it up 100%, but I’m only human and nobody is perfect.

I have so much to tell you guys but I’m just holding it in. I don’t like to tell the world to much about my stuff unless I know I have the idea ready and set to go.

Hope you have a good day and I will come up with some more recipes and motivation post. Thank you for sending me messages about my blog and my fitness journey. I’m all over the place with a big smile, seeing that I have inspired people to do better etc. If I can do it you all can. Planting seeds is what I like to do.


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