Is anyone here suffering because of the hay fever? Well, I think I suffer for the whole entire London. My nose is so dry because of the tissues I use, but I try to moisturize my nose with cocoa butter and it has help a little bit but the struggle is for real.

I never suffered from hay fever in Sweden, or I did but small sneezes and my head could feel big but nothing I needed to complain about. Since I have moved to London my hay fever has been the worst. The first year I spent so much money on allergy pills, eye drops, and nose spray (will write down what I use for my hay fever). All of this cost a lot of money and to decrease the expenses you need to start during the fall with your preparation so you can enjoy summer MORE.

This is my forth summer here in London, the first year was AWFUL. I couldn’t sleep because I wasn’t able to breath properly. During the day my nose got blocked and my head was feeling heavy. The second year it was awful but easier to manage as all my colleagues at work were vegan, vegetarian and some nutritionist so they gave me a lot of tips how to cure this thing.

Last year it wasn’t bad at all. I was suffering in the beginning of the year but nothing compare to the previous years. And you now wonder what I did change? My food. I changed my food and I made sure during the winter I have had a lot of ginger, turmeric and garlic. Plenty of herb teas, less shit food, during the hay fever period I strictly don’t deal with dairy or gluten. Reason why is because with dairy you create more mucus and mucus is what we can call phlegm and it spreads to your lungs, blocks the nasal cavity (which is makes it harder for you to breath, more headaches etc) and in worst case you can end up developing bronchitis. Not good! According to Chinese Medicine, the practitioners advice to forgo the consumption of dairy for that reason. Dairy is what they call “warm food”, bacteria and virus love warmth.

Anyhow, this year I’m not so lucky. Reason why is because apart from being healthy during the weekdays I do enjoy my nights out with friends, some parties and so on. Also I have been very skinny and my immune system has been very week this beginning of the year.

Anyhow, there are some good things you can do to get prepared around the winter time and things you can do meanwhile.

2015 I started to use natural remedies, expensive but works in the long run.

Echinacea drops from A. Vogel: It is pure herbal remedy that supports the immune system and helps the body to fight the infections.

Eye Drops from A.Vogel: Helps for itchy eyes and kids can also use it. Which means it is very good for the nature.

Nasal Spray from A. Vogel: Ideally for the hay fever season but can be used in longer periods. This nasal spray is very natural and can also be used with other remedies for the pollution.

I suggest to use the Echinacea drops all the time, 15 drops in a small cup with filter water every day. This will strength your immune system and you wont feel it the same way for the next season.

Remedies you can make at home:

Chia and Turmeric juice, this juice contains so much more. I have attached the link to the post on my old blog. Turmeric is great and even better when it is fresh. Turmeric is anti-inflammatory, it helps to get rid of the bad in the long run I mean. I suggest you cure yourself with some fresh turmeric, ginger and orange juice every day to get a stronger immune system.

Manuka honey, one spoon every day. I had 1kg of wild honey from Poland and that did me well for two summers ago. Honey is not vegan but it has benefits to fight against the bacterias and support your immune system. I don’t have that honey anymore as I haven’t spoken to my friend for a new order but it did help and I wasn’t sick for a long time.

Vitamin C alongside with Vitamin D. Make this your routine every morning and you will see a difference. Vitamin D can be taken in food such as mushrooms, fatty fish etc.
Vitamin C can you boost with orange/kiwi/grapefruit before noon and after noon.

Herbal teas such as: ginger, peppermint (prefer fresh mint) and believe it or not chamomile tea is GREAT! I only have peppermint and chamomile at work and they help me to survive here at work. I drink ginger tea with squeeze lime and fresh mint at home, not every day but every week.

Last but not least, make sure you drink plenty of water!
Good amount sleep hours, good and healthy foods. Make sure you boost your immune system every day all year round. Also remember that our immune system starts in our guts.

Hope this helps, I know this year the pollution is very high and everyone is suffering atm.




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