IMG_20170602_102528_790OOTD: denim jacket from Cubus, black dress from H&M, sandals from Carvela-KurtGeiger.


It’s finally Friday and I can’t wait to get out of work and get home. I’m physically tired and exhausted. Even tho I feel like just go to my bed and sleep (it might change as soon as I step outside the office haha), I’m actually passing by the gym for a back and abs session today. It is Friday but I need to keep my ass tidy like I said before.

Plans for the weekend?

Friday: as said, not much only gym and probably meet up with some friends local.
Saturday: I think we have something planed for tomorrow but not sure what and where.
Sunday: SLEEP all day long. Well, enough sleep to get back to work the next day and feel motivated. If it is nice weather I will be a cheerleader and watch my man play football. Also prepare my food for the next week.

Btw, I just looked outside the window from the office and it’s pouring outside. This island is so unpredictable, it has like hundreds of unknown seasons in one day.


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