Let’s talk about motivation…when it comes to the gymlife.
I have made a massive changes in my life this year, personal and work wise.
This year has brought me so much joy within myself and that is a big thank to my attitude towards life in general. Yesterday I needed to vent and talk myself through the happenings I haven’t enjoyed lately. That happens and it is okey to have bad days, you surely appreciate the good ones more. For me, I try to have a positive mind every day.

I have a few motivation (10) points I would like to share with you.

1. I have a goal and that is my motivation, always remember why you started.
2. Always carry your gym stuff with you to work, makes it easier if you are spontaneous.
3. Give yourself a realistic reward. I have stopped with those cheeky cheat days during the week and make sure I enjoy my cheat-days during the weekend. I work harder and look forward to reward myself after.
4. Rethink positive thinking. Whenever I feel lost, I rethink about how I would feel after if I went to the gym. I visualize and that helps.
5. Write down how you feel after every workout.
6. Try group-fitness, sometimes it’s easier to gather yourself with a bunch of people with same goals as you.
7. Give yourself micro-challenges. If I do 10 squats with 30kg kettle-bell I make sure I push for 2 more and feel the pain.
8. Compete if that helps, I compete with myself but sometimes it can be motivating to compete with a friend and challenge each other.
9. Tell yourself that you only gonna do an easy session, and push yourself when you are at the gym.
10. Think about how stronger you get for each time you exercise. I found it very useful thinking that way.

For me it has been easier to focus on my goals the older I get, I always think: you don’t get any younger honey.

Make exercise fun, make sure you enjoy your days at the gym. Make sure you have a plan, research about what type of exercises are good for YOU. We all have different body shapes, different health, different GOALS, different views and the list can go on. But we all know that, if you don’t work hard for what you want you wont get it. Life is about moving forward and not standing still. Life is also about helping yourself first before you ask others for help. Sometimes the things you ask other for, you can do it yourself.
There are times when I really do not wanna go to the gym, or by myself but I go anyways. By the end of the day I work out for myself, for my own benefit, for my own self-esteem and confidence. Do it for yourself. Or see your workout as a job, I do it and it works. I have a goal in my mind, I’m aiming for something and I see that as my job.
It is like I’m on probation and if I don’t do well I might not get the job.
Also, change a bad day to a great day by going to the gym, stimulates your brain with some exercises where it requires concentration and focus. By doing that you allow yourself to think about other things that benefit you and stimulates your brain rather than negativity.

Have a great hump-day babes.


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