Morning Guys,
I have been terrible with my updates, but let me give you an update now with pictures.
Also I will try to take more photos and update you more on my training. Last week I only exercised twice because I was in Sweden. My parents mini gym is not the greatest tbh. At the moment I haven’t really gain that much weight but my butt is getting bigger?, well yaaass! What is on the schedule this week? Apart from enjoying the heat after work today I have the gym planned ALL week, meeting a few friends and make sure I have a nice time in this life.

I booked the cheapest ticket to see my family after a whole year not seeing them. Took a whole week off from work. It was different to come home this time, the days passed by so quickly. It was my mum’s birthday as well. Since I moved to London I haven’t been present on her birthday’s, I always buy cards and send to them. She was happy to see me, also my dad and my brother and last but def not least my dog.

My best friend came by with her two children, I love them to bits. She made me try the mum life for approx. 5 minutes and it was hard to deal with two kids haha. I can’t even manage myself. I did one of the girls hair, snuggled with the youngest one.

I took a few walks with my dog in the new area, I’m not really keen on the south of Stockholm. I went out with one of my best friends and on my way back I was lost and asked people for help. Have in mind that I’m expert when it comes to maps and I know every underground station in most of the cities I have been to. But this time, I just felt so lost. I was even scared haha but found my way home at last.

The weather was actually quite alright in Stockholm, manage to get some vitamin D. Sorry for my over relax whale picture hahaha. Bikini from China, lol!

I did some extensions on my hair while being in Sweden, very bad idea as it is SO hot in London at the moment. Literally sweating at the office right now. I came back home from Stockholm on Friday and went straight to the park for some afternoon sun. Can tell you that I slept for 2 hours in the sun, I was so tired.

On Saturday I got to spend it with my favorite person. We went to The Breakfast Club in Croydon, and I had this. Not vegan I know but less crime.


After our lovely brunch we headed back home and changed quickly. On a mission to get to Kent for Dayna’s brithday (Craigs sister). We went local and after headed back home to them. But I resigned quite early tho.. opps! Outfit: Top and denim skirt from New Look, rings from Roman Road Market and old bag from Stockholm somewhere.

Yesterday Sunday we headed back home in the heat. I was dying as the hayfever got me so hard yesterday. I had no energy and I was feeling hangover as well. But after some food and plenty of water during the whole day. I went to watch my man play football with the other girls. We chilled at our friends house before getting back home and back to the reality of TODAY!

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