First, thank you for reading my blog even when I’m not so active.
There are plenty of reasons for my absence and I will share a few with you on the next blog post today.

Anyhow, yesterday I made this quick an easy lunch for today. Last week I started eating clean (on a very serious note I mean) and I try to stick to it. For me eating clean is not only vegan, but also gluten free and no sugar (and less alcohol). More about it laaater…

This recipe is a good one for number of reason:
1. Animal friendly.
2. Good for your belly and no bloated stomach.
3. Easy, quick and cheap.

Lots of greens and my favorite red onions. Love it…
Spicy paprika…

Recipe is for two but you can multiply as needed. Grab:

A hand or two full of mushrooms (depending on how big or small)
One red onion
One green pepper
Handful of basil
3 tablespoon of red lentils
Himalayan Salt + black pepper
Spicy paprika
Handful of cherry tomatoes
2 dl gluten free penne pasta
Roasted hemp seeds (optional)

Start with boiling the water and add the pasta and let it cook for 7 minutes, stir fry the mushrooms in pressed garlic.
In another sauce pan, cook the red lentils just for a good 6-7 minutes and not longer.
In a wok sauce pan, add peppers, red onions, cherry tomatoes and stir it, at the same time add the spicy paprika, chilies, salt and pepper.

When the pasta, lentils and the mushrooms are ready, add it all into the wok sauce pan and stir it again. On top of that, add basil for more taste.


I have added roasted hemp seeds on top of my lunch box, this is to add more protein and nutrients to my diet.

This is a very easy, quick and healthy meal (I have done similar before but this is just quicker and less hassle).
I had it for lunch today, and I felt actually quite full now.
I know my food doesn’t really look very very fancy, but it is filling, healthy and good for the planet. Oh, and it obviously cheap and easy.

Who said it was expensive to be healthy?


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