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I had the question why I don’t post more about my life and frequently,  there are some reasons for that.
Let me just start by saying, I will continue with health, nutrition and fitness. Continue cooking, doing my natural products I like to do, keep myself natural and healthy (one of the reasons why I started with clean eating and more dedicated to health is because I want to be clean and free from toxins when I plan to have my babies. obv. Have some balance!).

And by doing that, I will keep myself to the subject and I rather post relevant post instead of rubbish. I think it is easier to follow an path if you stick to it, I know that people are more interested of what I do, how it goes etc BUT you will know how it goes with food. Which seems to be the hot topic of these late years. HEALTHY FOOD!

For a few weeks ago I decided to be more structure with my food, eat more clean, more meditation, focus on my female energy, focus on my wellness etc.
So far, lately I have done more than well with the female energy and personal development part. I put that first and I think that comes before anything, my well-being.

To be honest I have changes massively since I moved to London, so this is nothing new really. This time is just more strict and I’m doing a experiment with myself. I’m curing myself with food.

Why is your question.
I have had chest issues for time, a pain that moves around my chest. Very close to my heart BUT silly me has never put attention to it. Now I have been suffering for two weeks, it is a pain that moves around, a pain that leaves me knackered at times during the day, a little bit of anxiety I feel my chest hurts, the pain moves to my back and again moves around. I never complain dramatically about my health issues, I just tell them and move on. This time, I haven’t been able to fake it and deal with the pain. I have literally keep myself hanging while walking to the underground and thinking: FUCK!
I never suffered this much, but this is due to my lack of discipline with my food I believe. Just eating what I wanna eat, obviously being quite healthy but NOT paying attention to my body lately.
Luckily I had a GP appointment on Friday, manage to fight for a X-ray app. I did it on Monday (so will see what they say next Monday). I never call in sick but this year I have been sick twice from work already.
I have been ill on a discrete way, dealing with the pain and just working out and trying to be “normal”.

I suspect that my chest have a lot of mucus, and we know mucus is a killer. I think the mucus is just in there, could be due to me drinking alcohol and via drinks got a lot of sugar in my system. As healthy as I have been before my immune system kinda crashed when I lost weight and trying to get that back has been hard, also the hay fever has been horrible this year.

And now I’m gonna tell you how I cure myself with food. Remember when I posted why it was good to keep yourself away from refine carbs, sugar and dairy when you are sick? Well, all of that is acid forming and create mucus in your body. Bacteria live and are having the time of their life as soon as you consume this type of foods, main reason why people are having colds on and off for the whole entire year and never get rid of it.

Well, today it is my 4th day of being 100% vegan but not only vegan, sugar free and gluten free (I have done this before but not as extreme). I haven’t even cheated, and sometimes I can just be bad and go for something I fancy at that time.
Yesterday I found it really hard to be strict with myself, but I didn’t give up. I had food from Cook Daily but unfortunately as intolerant that I’m… My dish contained dumplings and I think it was gluten in it. Lord, my stomach wasn’t feeling good at all. This is why it is important to cook your own food at home. You know what you actually eating.
Cook Daily is a lovely place and have amazing food, but not all vegan are gluten free. I think there are either gluten free but not vegan or vegan but not gluten free. I have gone the whole way, which actually works perfect for me.

A lot of people find being vegan really boring, I like being healthy and I love healthy food. There is nothing more satisfying to know that, it tastes good and it does good for my body. Creativity is the key to enjoy your food, even if you are not vegan if the food taste bad or nothing..what is the point?

How do I manage my food?
I add a lot of seeds in my food, I researched always what has the most protein and which ingredients are the best.
Protein shakes, smoothies, gluten free porridge with lots of seeds. There are plenty of options.
If I fancy sweets I go for fruits, and I don’t really have a sweet tooth at all. Ask Craig, lol! I drink lots of herb teas at work, but a very light coffee with almond milk (look at the ingredients always), and during the evening I have since Sunday adapt my body to eat latest 6-7. And always carry nuts and a fruit in my bag.

How does this strict diet affects me?
To be honest, apart from food I’m a genuine vegan person in my mind. It is not only about food for me, I don’t buy things that have animal trace or leather or anything like that. I think when you have changed all of that, then you are vegan. Before that, you are just eating a diet for your own good only.

By being free from all these kinda of foods I cure myself, I clean myself by detoxing and I must say that I feel amazing. Craig was like: please continue to be vegan you are extremely nice. Hahaha. I have been at work with such a good mood, I’m very alert and my mind is more open/flexible.
The bacteria in my body that forms the mucus, they cannot survive if I don’t feed them with bad food. They die, and I get better but I still need to keep myself tidy and balance to completely get ride of all the germs.

Remember though, when you are detoxing or get rid of sugar or anything from your system. Your body goes through different things such as: headache, dizziness, maybe aches here and there, mood changes (in my case very good) and this is just because the body is adjusting it self to the change. Don’t get scared!

How am I gonna survive if I drink alcohol?
Easy! Just have in mind how good I feel by doing this, that I’m actually curing myself, that I’m doing something good, I’m giving myself a few more years to live, I preparing myself for my pregnancy (No babes, I’m not pregnant!) and I don’t feel like meat at all. If I wasn’t ill, I would have more of a flexible diet and bits by bits changing the diet in my pace. Due to this illness, it just made me really stubborn. And I would tell you if I did cheat, but I haven’t and if I do, I let myself down. And I don’t wanna do that!

Today’s lunch from Marks&Spencer (I totally forgot to cook yesterday and this was the best I could find). Love the quinoa mix, I added avocado, hummus with whole chickpeas and on the side peach. Yes, I love fruits included in the food!

Ps. People at work are just being funny because I’m strict. But truth is, yes I look young and I’m in good shape now. But if I don’t take care of my body and mind now, it is gonna be too late later and a longer process to take care of. You cannot just go to the gym and think by doing some exercises you are gonna be all healthy and fit. Remember the 70/30 rule!

I’m glad I got ill haha (not really), because it changed my mind more. It made me more stubborn to be healthy and not ill. Things happens for a reason, if it didn’t happen I would just be part time vegan or vegan back and forth. Don’t get me wrong, after a week I might just have some fish or cheese but I doubt it as I feel sick of the thoughts of having stomach aches because of dairy and because fish is sooo boring some times (also it is not good depending on the fish). I will come back and let you know how everything has been with me, see if my chest gets better.

Cheers lovelies.



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