Dont judge my beautiful food. If I could put a name on it and no it is not a pizza!!

I’m not gonna post the recipe this time actually as it is pretty much the same procedure as my previous posts.
Only that, this time I swapped normal coconut milk to light and it tasted less coconutty (I love coconut but the smell can be too much in food). I also added runner beans, butternut squash and PLANTAINS!
I have something for saucy foods lately, or maybe I’m just being quick and boring.

Anyhow, I was thinking of sharing with you my thoughts when it comes to hormone imbalance, something we should be aware of.

During last week when I started to eat clean, my mood was steady and I felt much better. As a female, we get really bipolar, and that is due to what we eat. Some foods react massively wrong with our hormones and we get affected, and we always blame our periods. Yes, we do get moody and have crazy craving BUT the food is a big big role.

When you consume milk from the cows, have in mind that, that insignificant cow you don’t care about is actually sending some karma to your body by sharing “her” hormones with you. Organic or not a cow’s milk contains over 60 different hormones. That is ALOT!
Imagine how skeptical we are when it comes to contraceptive, how bad it is for us, how much weight we gain etc. But we are happy to consume amounts of milk from the cow? Have another thinking.

This is one of the reason why I stopped consuming dairy for years ago now for example, yes it happens that I have a dessert etc that contains milk but it is nothing to what I have ever consumed back in the days. All that creamy cake, ice cream, waffles with ice cream, milk chocolate etc etc etc and the list goes on.

During last week I actually confirmed what I have been thinking about hormones, I actually saw a big difference in my mood, my body and my metabolism (which is like a 10 year old funny enough haha).
I have also found myself having a tiny trace of anxiety, where I just sit at work and my heart beats and I don’t know why. And this has been those times when I haven’t had proper food or just being lazy.

I found it funny when people say: I can’t do healthy all the time, it is so boring. Well, it is more boring to get sick and live a restricted life because you didn’t care before. Do not get me wrong, I don’t say to anyone to swap to be vegan or gluten free, just do what your body feels the best with (I doubt that feeling moody and bipolar is a nice and healthy stage). You don’t have to follow others peoples path to be in the trend, or judge people for doing what they do. Just change it for yourself and for the animals (in my case). In my case, I refuse to let this “maniac food” religion damage my body, I only have one body.

Sorry, but do you know how proud and happy I’m with my body today (a bit more fat on my boobs and ass please)? I work out, look after myself, eat well, and take care of myself in all the ways I can. I’m happy, I like my body, I enjoy being petite, I have less fat than I had when I was younger. So why wouldn’t I like to be healthy? It increases your confidence, your mental stage in life, you skin gets better, etc etc etc.

Anyone suffering from mood swings? Any changes?
Comment and let me know.


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