I’m just wanna briefly write about my skin-care “routine”.
I don’t use expensive useless products on my skin, I don’t trust it. My skin goes from normal-to-dry.


Lemon cream from Lush, this cream is for your cuticle BUT it has done miracles to my face. It is very thick, so you only need the tip of your finger. I use it all over my body sometimes, it has helped my nails to become healthier, my skin is more clear since I had spots last summer only where my baby hair is. Really annoying, because you couldn’t see them unless you were near me. Anyhow, lemon clears the skin and helps to get rid of spot (don’t wanna be white this just clear the specific areas).


Black castor oil, exactly this one. I use this for my roots, my eyebrows and eyelashes. Yes, you hair does grow with this. My hair has got much healthier since I have started to use this, it grows at least. My eyebrows man, they are so good now. I need to show you pictures. I have for months massaging my bushy eyebrows with castor oil because they weren’t even, now they are perfect. My dream eyebrows! My eyelashes are fuller, they are longer and yes castor oil HELPS a lot!



PS. Here is an example of how I use the castor oil for my lashes and brows. I use an old “bottle”/tube and I have added a few drops in there. Always carry it with me, alternative that I use it instead of mascara most of the time.

Coconuts and coconut oil on wooden table

Who doesn’t use coconut oil? Haha

I have used coconut oil for many years and still use it. I have tricked Craig into my natural skin care routine, this man doesn’t even use anything than coconut oil. He makes sure his coconut oil is ready for him all the time.
I use coconut oil combine with rose water (more about rose water soon), I don’t use it much for cooking anymore but more for my skin and hair.
For my hair, I wet my hair with coconut oil and at the same time I braid my hair. One of many ways of using coconut oil.


During the weekend my friend Kelly reminded me of rose water, by just looking at her flawless skin. Literally. I remember once buying it but never used it, only had it included in a cream once.

Rose water is the key to good looking skin, I promise you guys (it works like the perfect face toner).
I make sure I wash my face properly with cold water (I don’t like warm water on my face), I dry it with a clean towel. After I take cotton pads and wet the pads with rose water and wipe it around my face, it feels sticky but when it is dry is like nothing.
After I let it dry, I apply coconut oil on my face and good to go.
Within 3 days my face is so soft and looks amazing (sorry for being vain but I have finally found a nice routine). Rose water is easily to find every where here in London or Amazon.
I use cotton pads and I also spray it with a reusable spray bottle.

I have always been up for natural skin care, I like that the products don’t contain amounts of chemicals or anything I don’t know. I make sure I read the labels, I try new things and give it a go and this post is so truthful it can be. I have tried all of these things I have wrote about and make sure it works. You cant advice people unless you try it yourself.
One of my beauty advice is to massage your face in the right direction, upwards and let all the nutrients nourish your skin.

The reason why I like natural products, is because they are more likely to NOT be animals tested. I’m also very careful with my make up, I really don’t wanna be looking all good while animals have been suffering. Another reason why is, our skin is our largest organ and you can be damm sure your skin absorbs everything you put on it.

These are the products I use religiously every day, morning and evening. The lemon cuticle cream is always in my bag, and I use it during the day as I don’t use foundation or anything like that, so I just apply this and it gives me a nice glow.

What is all cost?
Lemon cream, £7 you can find it in Lush.
Black castor oil, £4-5 and you find them everywhere. Guarantee place, african shops.
Coconut oil, £12-20 depending on the brand and can be found EVERY where.
Rose water, £3 and can be found in chinese shops, african shops, alternative a herbal store.

I spend on average £27 pounds on natural skin products and they last me for a long time, apart from coconut oil it only last for a couple of weeks and the rose water that I just bought and it is a regular fav. Natural skin products are cheaper, better and healthier for you skin.


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