Simple, delicious and not unhealthy as it looks.

Yesterday after I finished I went straight to the gym for an upper body session. Must say that I getting stronger and stronger. I haven’t focused much on my upper body, I get muscles very quickly but I have started to train my arms at least twice a week and lower body 3 times a week (or I mean that is my goal, not every week I’m at the gym 5 times).

I’m still being nice with my diet or lifestyle really. I did cheated last week and had lobster, oops! Well, my lovely boyfriend thought we should spontaneous go to Burger and Lobster last week, so we did. I couldn’t say no, and had the best lobster ever.
I find it hard to not eat sea food, so that will be the last thing I stop with.

Anyhow, I made a coconut thing, I call it thing because I don’t know what to call it.
Butternut squash, black beans, mushrooms, scotch bonnet (love it), and sweet potato, I had this with spicy paprika rice (I tried to have some colorful food). Very spicy and it was actually so nice, I make this easy and “boring” dishes as they are very quick to make and also they contain a lot of good nutrients and protein. Normally I don’t always eat rice, but I need my carbs man.

After having my lovely dinner, I made some dessert. You can see above.

3 slices from a ripe pineapple
Vanilla/caramel extract
Shredded coconut
Coconut cream

What tools you need:
a fry pan

How to:
Slice the pineapples, remove the hard of the pineapple in the middle. Remove “shell” and in the sauce pan without any oil or anything. Add vanilla and caramel extract while it is frying, add shredded coconut on top and turn it and do the same thing on each side.

For the coconut cream, just add vanilla extract and blend it until it gets smooth and nice.

No picture after it was ready to eat, but it was actually delicious. Really recommend it, specially if you fancy something sweet. The riper the pineapple is, the sweeter.


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