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I will forever love to eat healthy, I think most of us love it but it is just hard sometimes to find the motivation.
Don’t get me wrong, there have been days where I have actually had something with sugar or gluten when I shouldn’t. I’m a cheater at times, I don’t blame myself tho but I try to change my cheating with something more healthier than loads of sugar.

Starting to eat healthy can be very boring, long and confusing.
Boring because you only think of salad and loads of seeds and things you are not familiar with.
Long because you think it will take forever to cook.
Confusing because you don’t know where to start, what is good and what is not good for you. What works for you etc.

I know, but what I used to do: check labels, research, experiment, cut off, add etc etc.
I can honestly say that I can’t eat every healthy food for example, and I need to cut some things regardless how healthy they are.

For me eating healthy is an invest, invest for myself and for the future. We shouldn’t push it forward and think “I will do it later, or next Monday I start”. Later becomes too late, and you will need to work harder to reach your goal.

August is the “nutritional” month, or every month should be it though.
I have a few simple ways for you guys finding it hard to get there.

1. Start with a free meat Monday or go for natural food only, Monday’s are usually the day when you go all “LET’S DO THIS HEALTHY LIFE“. You feel like it is a new start of the week, you can forget about your last week and how “bad” you ate and start fresh again. I found it easier on Monday to start on something new. Try!

2. Bring lunch to work at least once a week, starting with. You prepare your nice meal in the evening and you can always make the food a little bit extra nice. When you go on your lunch, you feel good about it. You know what you eat, non processed food and for some people that works as a motivation.

3. Eat your vegetables first, fill you up with that first and then continue to the protein you have chosen. Get the “worst” out of the way first…

4. Use wholegrain flour when you baking, or brown pasta or brown bread (cut off bread if you can). Sourdough bread is a nicer option actually if you really love bread, gentle to your stomach and easier to digest.

5. Make a smart ingredient swap. If you really love sandwiches and always use mayo, swap the mayo with avocado instead. Just spicy up you avocado with salt, pepper or anything that will make that taste better if you are not use to the taste of avocado.

6. Into smoothies but you make them with dairy and sugar? Swap to date and almond/plant based milk. The difference is huge, greater taste and healthier.

7. I know that not everyone reading my blog is vegan. Swap the sour cream to normal greek yogurt, swap your cream to coconut cream for example. Small changes that are not bad at all.

8. Cauliflower is a very good source of fiber and extremely healthy, swap your rice to cauliflower.

9. Water isn’t a sure thing for everyone, some people think getting hydrated can be done with tea, coffee, sodas, juice etc etc. Water is very much needed for us to stay hydrated, get energy and be healthier. I love water, and I chose water before anything else. Although, if you find it hard to get use to drink something with no taste. Pour some filtered water in a jug, add some cucumber, lime, fresh mint, and ginger. Nicer taste, very fresh and the fruits inside are just doing good. You can add any type of fruit in to be honest, and doing that your water taste good and you hydrate yourself.

10. Have a fruit in your bad every day or nuts. Getting hungry on the way home or while you are on the street is risky. There is a risk that you will go to McDonalds/Nandos/Burger King/Greggs or any store and buy what your brain is craving for: something with sugar. You go for a pastry, a power drink, a snickers etc etc. Having nuts and a fruit in your bag, you will feel better after eating it and you wont be as hungry.

There are so many ways to try to eat healthy, if those points above seems very annoyingly hard doing it by yourself. Talk to a friend, motivate each other and maybe compete?

I motivate myself massively to eat healthy, even tho sometimes I feel bad for eating sugar or gluten. I know that I rarely do it, I eat healthy most of the times.
Btw, I got a question regarding eating clean and vegan. If I feel tired? I don’t actually. I feel more balanced as I mentioned before.

Anyhow, I hope this help some of you. Just a reminder.
I know that people are more and more engaged in the eating healthy trend. Don’t make it a trend, make it your lifestyle.


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