My sour salad is one of my specialty, salad for me needs to be sour or have balsam vinegar otherwise it is not a proper salad just rabbit food.

Coriander is a very particular herb and not everyone is keen on having it including in their foods. I love it, and I love it the most in sour salads and green curry. So good!

Here is my famous recipe
Prep: less than 10 minutes
Total time: less than 10 minutes haha
Serves: 5-6 people (or only 3 if you love it)

Juicy limes, I use a whole or two at sometimes for more juice.
Red onions (not yellow, only red)
Red and Green peppers
Cherry tomatoes (as they usually have more flavor)
Sea salt
Coriander (mainly)

Prep: Mix all of the ingredients together in a bowl as shown on the picture. Squeeze the juice out of the lime into the salad mix, add sea salt, stir around in the bowl and make sure the lime and the salt are properly mixed. Taste it, it needs to have a mixture of both. Not too much lime or too much salt. After a few attempts you will get it right or one the first try.


This salad can also be a fresh sides, instead of dips you can have this instead.
I made some “patacones” (fried green plantains, very common in LatinAmerica) and had it with the salad, perfect match promise. Also I will post how to make the perfect patacones in another post. Yummy!

Hope you guys enjoy the salad.

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