First, sorry for shit picture above.

Last week on Thursday I met up Kim, we met up in Liverpool St. after I was hunting in Planet Organic (I will recommend you about a new fav).
Obviously we love food but we tried to do it in the most healthiest way, we tried I can say that.

We went for vegan but pizza.
We walked the whole way from Liverpool St. to Dalston Kingsland where you find Fed By Water.
“FED BY WATER™ is a brand new concept restaurant offering authentic, traditional Italian plant based cuisine with the objective of bringing the nutritional importance of pure water to the public conscience.”

While we were thinking of what we wanted, I was looking at the menu and peoples food. I couldn’t believe the food was vegan, non vegan people actually come to this place and can’t taste the difference. Their cashew mozzarella cheese is just beyond.
I like the way Fed By Water make their food, how it looks and how it taste. This is my type of thing, make healthy food look appetizing and taste lovely. #Goals.

We went for something basic, I went for the Margarita pizza with charcoal base. And Kim had the same but calzone. I couldn’t finish the whole pizza, I use to eat a whoel big swedish pizza back in the days on Sunday’s. I wanted to finish this one but I couldn’t so I end up taking it in a doggy bag.



Here is the charcoal base, charcoal is a bit slow to chew kinda rubbery but that was just a minor. I like charcoal in general and I believe it is good for you belly. Very good for cleansing, have in mind that I use charcoal tablets and my toothbrush is charcoal made. I see a pattern here, lol.

Anyhow, my whole experience at Fed By Water was beyond, friendly staff and I like the casual “not” bothered style the place have. The food is a bit pricey but to be honest, this type of food is all worth it. You pay for good service and good food.
I can honestly say that it was the best pizza I ever had. I don’t only mean vegan pizza, I mean the best pizza in general.

I have some other dishes I wanna try, so I will be back and hopefully introduce my very much “I could go vegan for a week maybe” boyfriend.

Fed By Water
64 Kingsland High St.
E82LX London

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