In case you are looking for something extra you haven’t tried yet, on your porridge or toast or just on itself? Coconut Jam is one of the healthier option to “normal” jam and it is actually delicious this combo: with sea salt. It works for me, as I’m not much for too sweet things. Perfect touch.

On the picture you see how I have my coconut jam, I don’t eat bread but I’m sure it taste lovely with it. Really recommend this one.

You can find the coconut jam inside Planet Organic and it is from BukoFoods.
Once you open it, I suggest you keep it in the fridge or a very cool and dry place. The white top you can see is coconut oil from the ingredients the jam has: coconut milk and coconut nectar.

Do not exaggerate with the amount of jam on your bread/porridge, everything with moderation. Have in mind that any sweetener such as: agave nectar, honey, coconut nectar and obviously very ripe fruits contain a lot of fructose. Fructose doesn’t affect the same way glucose does but excess consumption of fructose can disturb your body fat regulation and in some cases contribute to obesity.
I do eat a lot of fruit tho but I try to have a variety, less sweet fruits, less ripe etc. Fruits are very good but like anything else, eat with moderation.

Apart from that, I LOVE THE COCONUT JAM!

4 of 5 stars.
Why not 5? I wish the jar was bigger.

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