As much as I love cooking, during the weekdays I don’t have energy even tho I want to cook something more complex. Anyhow, I’m the queen of quick and easy healthy food.
Yesterday I made this quick and easy dish.
I used bio organic veggies apart from the mushrooms, I just bought simple one’s from Sainsbury’s.

I don’t measure and follow any recipes normally, most of the food I make are from my imagination and I add as much ingredients I want and with a common sense. I mean, they are my own recipes.

You need a cooking pan and a frying pan (I recently bought a tiny deep wok pan), and a cutting board (lol)

Gluten free pasta
Cherry tomatoes (I picked mine from the garden)
French beans (I picked mine from the garden)
Himalayan salt
Veggie Shawarma Kebab
Olive Oil
Basil (I have a basil plant since March, still alive and healthy)

Start with the pasta, with gluten free pasta you don’t need to cook it more than just max 5-6 minutes.
Fry the mushrooms first with a lot of garlic (garlic is my number one ingredient in everything), add the french beans, and tomatoes. Let all the ingredients mix with each other, add Himalayan salt, and chilies. When all the veggies are tender, add the veggie kebab.
And all done!

It was very quick to make, and very healthy as well.
I like that I have include some bio organic veggies from the garden, fresh and nothing sprayed. Just how I like it.






To be honest, I’m not a big fan of soy protein at all but on Sunday I walked in to Sainsbury’s and saw the veggie kebab (gave it a chance at last), yesterday when I tried it. It was actually very nice, and I made a big pot so I could take it with me for lunch today. Cannot wait.

Picture of the results.

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