How was your bank holiday weekend (will try to upload pictures later in the week)???

Mine was very busy and ended yesterday. Craig and I took a longer break from work and had some quality time without phones for hours outdoors. We spend some time at Crystal Palace and the weather was so good. I was wearing my indian trousers (I love them, will show a picture another day) and a t-shirt and sandals. So easy, relaxed and spontaneous. I love spending time with Craig, specially when we have had a busy weekend and the last day we just catch up on everything.

Anyhow, after years of never learning, during this weekend I made a strict decision to eat a lot and very healthy for breakfast and lunch.
I had porridge combine with my home made granola and coconut jam and loaded with nutrients and ate fish (still have fish once/twice a week) with lots of salad, plantain, added raw virgin olive oil on top and lots of green veggies. On the side I made also some papaya juice/smoothie, both days!!!

This smoothie is a CURE!

I bough a papaya last week, let it ripe so its more sweet.
Instead of water, I used squeezed orange juice (I have had lots of orange lately so I used them), I scraped some gel from my aloe vera plant at home, added a few drops vanilla extract and a banana (a very ripe banana for the sweetness).
The reason why I wanted the fruits to be ripe is because the taste of aloe vera can be bitter and you don’t want that. AND MIXED ALL OF THAT into a cold nice juice/smoothie!

A few frozen cubes of papaya
3 oranges (squeeze the juice out)
1 ripe banana
2-3 drops of vanilla extract
Pea protein (optional)

This smoothie is so good, it was well needed after a workout and during this hot weather. The papaya cubes were frozen, I saved the rest of the papaya in the freezer.
Aloe vera is gentle to your stomach and I really recommend to “invest” in a aloe vera plant, nourish that beauty with water once every two weeks max. I have had two of my favorite plants since March and they still doing well, Basil and Aloe Vera.

There are plenty of good benefits with papaya as well, it is just a nice healthy way to enjoy a nice juice and be good to your body.


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