Morning guys!

How are we today? On this lovely cold sunny Thursday (September tomorrow ahhhh).
I’m very good today, left home early for work and I will hit the gym after. Last time I visited the gym was on Saturday, oopss!
I train everyday tho regardless if I go to the gym or not, I have my resistance bands (Oh my GOD, my new bootey builder) and I exercise with them like every day. My bum is not massive but its actually very hard and toned, because of the muscles. What I need now is more FAT!

Will do a tiny program post with the resistance bands later in the week or next week, but if you know me I will forget but I will try to remember.

Have you guys tried to cook any vegan food with cashew?
Well, I did it yesterday and it is soooo goood! I just added my latest recipe to my cooking book.

2 cups cashew nuts
1 scotch bonnet
2 spoons of olive oil
himalayan salt
cherry tomatoes
half of red onion

1. I have a quite good blender and for that reason I only soaked the cashew nuts for about 10 minutes, but if you don’t have a high speed blender let the cashew soak for 2 hours approx.
2. Fry the onions just to get them a little bit fried not much.
3. Add the rest ingredients into the blender as well as the cashew nuts, add as much garlic as you like. Let the onions cool down first before you mix them with the rest of the ingredients.
4. Blend until it’s all smooth and nice.

Eat it with: gluten free pasta or rice. Why not!

Recipe notes:
I did not have a yellow onion so I used a red one instead, and I also had cherry tomatoes and the mixture of red onions and cherry tomatoes gives the cream a nice color. The scotch bonnet is VERY spicy so add it only if you like very spicy food. Otherwise I suggest you use normal peppar.
I made food for 3, but adding more ingredients can make a bigger pot.

This is my own recipe, if you are using it please send me and let me know how it went.

Have a lovely Thursday!

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