Friday guys and I’m a bit sad as I’m leaving the company I work for another higher role and more money. Apart from that, it’s Friday and I have no plans at all for this weekend. After last weekend I need to do some work at home, and engage myself into something more useful than chill.

Maybe you wonder why I have the pictures above.
Well, being or on my way to be vegan means a lot of different things in my head.
I have tried as I said to you before to quit animal products totally, and unfortunately as any other “new” vegan you’ll cheat in the beginning.
Anyhow, food wise it has been my hardest bit. On other things I’m quite good, such as material things.

However, by this stage you know that I rather eat vegan food than anything else but life.

I have always been taking Omega-3 (fish oil), it has basically always been a habit in the household.
For a few months ago I searched for a vegan alternative to fish oil and found cannabis oil (funny that I have used it for another stuff, like face and hair but never thought about take it as supplement). Bought it.
It doesn’t get you high or anything strange you might think, it is very gentle in general and in my opinion has no side effects yet. And that’s me and I function differently (obviously).

I was taking the capsules for 3 weeks actually and it did a difference BUT if you struggle with major things such as insomnia, anxiety, stress, eczema, heart problems etc etc, I suggest your intake of the oil last for longer than 3 months at least and with the right dosage it can be very good for you.

There are different types of oils in this “cannabis family”, I think I save myself from over explaining about cannabis here. Do some research and get one with good quality. I know a lot of people who take cannabis oil for medical reasons (a good one will cost around £25 above).

My brother suffers from epilepsy and my parents have spent a lot of money on getting the (i)legal stuff for him. It’s dear and it annoys me because it is such a good plant and also its beneficial for so many people. Instead of medical drugs and all of that sh**t.

Anyhow, the oil you want to get is the one without THC (or not) and it’s legal. When the oil contains high amounts of THC (the compound that makes you all high and gives you munchies) it’s illegal (to be very clear, drinking alcohol is worse than cannabis and yet nobody has died of smoking or dealing with cannabis but people have died from consuming alcohol: do your math).

Because cannabis in general is good for you. I have swapped my fish oil capsules to cannabis oil capsules as already stated.
I will finish my capsules first before I go for the oil as drops instead, as I believe my capsules are only suitable for vegetarians but not vegan. The oil itself is vegan but the gel is gelatin from animals I reckon.
This is another way of thinking with your vegan brain, going for something that is gentle to the environment and hasn’t have any trace from animals.

I recommend you to have a look around and see what type suits you and if you wish to go for capsules or like I have done as well, I have bought cannabis weed bundle (LEGAL) and use it as tea. No, you wont get stoned. It is just better for you if you struggle sleeping, I have been stressed lately and it actually helps.

If you are going vegan, hemp oil is better alternative and friendly. Ditch fish oil, and yes I’m gonna stop eating fish myself hahaha.


Cannabis oil is not only for people with issues, it just gives you another easier life. I mean, you will feel more balanced, you gut will thank you because cannabis oil helps you if you have digestive problems, your skin will be better, you can cook with it and etc etc.

As I love natural health so much, I always read about everything that includes natural health. I have read that mothers use hemp oil for their kids. To wipe their bum and still keep it lubricated and soft. I have always said that I will only use natural things on my kids and go for a dairy free diet for them. I know there are many questions about having a vegan diet for babies but with the right knowledge (which I think I have and will be even more informed in the future) you can grow healthy and strong babies.

Anyway, this is how much I love to talk about health. Health is my number one thing in this world. I love and cannot emphasize enough about how much it turns me on. Yes, I said it. I know crazy stuff, and have learned so much about health that I sometimes don’t know where my brain will store all the information. Reason why I’m so keen to write and share my knowledge with you guys.

Well well, hope you like my long text.

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