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I haven’t blogged for a very long time, as I have been flying about and planning and traveling. Cooking has been my number one priority as I managing my recipes at the moment.

For more than a week ago, Craig and I went for my friends wedding in Sweden. We also stayed for a couple more days. To celebrate my own birthday with my parents and friends. I needed to fix a new ID, so squeezed that in meanwhile I was there. Super quick, my ID is already with me. Sweeet!

Anyhow, we spent some time at home and I showed Craig the new house they live in. The dog was over the moon to going out with us.

On the Monday after dealing with my ID, we flew to Barcelona and stayed at my relatives house for a 3 nights. I tried to show Craig around as he never been there before, he btw loved the city. I have been there tooo many times, so I know everything more or less.
We ate good food with my family, walked miles and literally just had a great time there. Cannot complain.
Outfit: Skirt and top from Newlook.

After Barcelona we flew to Lisbon, which was our last stop. We stayed there for 3 nights. The first day when we arrived, we were absolutely knackered. ADHD me couldn’t sleep siesta so I walked a few seconds away to the LX factory and just enjoyed a nice stroll around. Later in the evening, we went out for drinks and met my friend Denise who was there for work the same time as us.

Craig and I.
I was wearing skirt from Newlook, blouse from Zara and sandals.

The next day we took ourselves to Caparica beach, it was lovely to just go to the beach and feel the heat. Gosh missed it.

Lisbon had amazing sunset, it was like a dream tbh. Really loved it.

After watching the sunset in Belem, we walked into the main “centre” and had sea food. It was top top, especially the prawns. Yummy. For those who wonder, I still eat fish. Yes!

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The next day, which was the last. We took the train to Cascais before leaving Lisbon. Paddle board was so much fun. We didn’t wanna leave. We had such a great time. The heat was on top and yeah the whole holiday was perfect.

Happily we had a quick shower, instead of feeling sticky from the salt water.
I wasn’t that happy to leave but the water was good.

A little bit of my holiday and what I have been up to lately. Craig spoiled me to the maximum and I was content every day. Love my man.

Ps. I no longer post personal post on regular basis, but I thought I could give you a brief catch up. I have seen that people still visiting my blog and thank you for that. More food post to come, I have focused on that mainly. Tbh, I don’t want to be too personal on my blog and let the whole world know every detail. My focused from the beginning was mainly food and food and food. Although, a personal post every now and then wont hurt. Briefly obviously.


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