On Friday we landed in Stockholm, to see my family and enjoy some Lauryn Hill.
We manage to see Cherie (a swedish artist, which was actually good) and Lauryn Hill was on stage the last but with an amazing performance.


Stockholm Music & Art festival was in Skeppsholmen, a small island in the central. The whole set up of the festival was extremely romantic and beautiful.


She was over the top and her performance was like nobody else’s.


My camera was not great, but risky to bring a professional camera to a festival.


My boyfriend was pleased with his late birthday present. He is also a big fan of Lauryn Hill, so I’m glad he really enjoyed it.


On our way to the festival, we jumped off in Stockholm Central and walked. I thought it could be nice for him to see bits of Stockholm while heading to the festival.



We all sat down in a bench outside Grand Hotel and I was literally screaming inside because my feet was hurting like hell. But Denise managed to take a photo of us.

I’m overall happy that we booked this short trip to Sweden and saw Lauryn’s performance at the festival.


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