After having fun in Stockholm I decided to show Craig my hoods and where I used to spend my summers, where I went to school etc.



This place is called as badberget and it is literally like a small mountain with artificial sand and the view is amazing. Here is where young people come summer nights to get drunk, have bbq’s or just couples to enjoy the sunset.


We borrowed my parents car while being in Stockholm so it will be easy for us to move us from place to place. I also manage to show him where I learned how to swim, I was just a kiddo and this place was everything for me.

Looking back now, everything feels smaller and different. Very quiet and peaceful.



20160731_174048 (1)
My boyfriend was amazed about how beautiful Sweden actually is and he made me open up my eyes a little bit. A place I took for granted for so many years and now I don’t have this luxury, of having fresh air and green peaceful place to sit and just chill.

Unfortunately, this might have been my last visit at this place unless I made the effort to get there when Im back in Sweden.

My parents “finally” moved from the hoods, where I learned how to swim in this small lake and so did my brother and we both have been there for so many summers. Winter times when we went for ski trip just around the corner from our house with our school and all the bbq times. All the crazy friends that I had and every summer we made our way with our bikes to this small lake.

It is really sad everything, because this time I actually felt it more. I remembered more about my childhood in this area and as much as I have love for the memories and how young and wild I was. How beautiful it is in Stockholm and how many spots we have to just chill and relax, so many meditations spots. Gosh, I can’t believe I took all of that for granted. Regardless, how beautiful and comfortable Sweden can be sometimes I can’t see my self living there atm.

Oh well, that was our trip to Sweden. My boyfriend met my parents and my brother and my crazy dog. He met my closest friends and he saw the pure life that I used to live when I lived in Sweden.

Time for meetings.

Enjoy the sun today.


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